6 Simple Ways To Make Your Password “Available”!


The security of your computer and data is crucial. Lost or stolen information can reveal expose your confidential or personal information.  Exposing or making it easy for someone to get your username and password could be more than detrimental, it could be shocking!

But, who cares!

Not nervous about your account’s security? Here are the six simple ways to make your password “Available” for all:

  • Simply request people to watch you while you type your password, you can do this in libraries, computer labs and other public areas.
  • Don’t hesitate to pass your password to someone who calls you and pretend to be from the IT department.
  • Don’t hesitate, while replying to malicious emails and websites because they are used to trick you into revealing your passwords.
  • Hackers use “brute-force attack” by guessing a password from dictionaries and password lists or guessing a password based on personal information you know, such as a birth date, pet’s name, etc, so always use simple password like your name, pet’s name etc, (why use complex password which is hard to remember).
  • Don’t do anything to memorize your passwords, simply write down your password on sticky and paste it on your desk, on your workstation, monitor screen etc.
  • Never use different passwords for different systems/emails/website/social networking sites.

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