An Entrepreneur Must Adopt These Lessons From Lord Shiva !

The Fearsome ‘Rudra’

“If a man is doing something but has not the firmness of determination within his mind, then he will never be successful.”

The Fearsome ‘Rudra
Lord Shiva often considered to be the God of Gods also has a very fearsome form which is known ‘The Rudra’.  An entrepreneur must have traits of the ‘Rudra’ as it is the only form that has the courage to face any situation fearlessly. While running an enterprise or a startup the front runner of the company must possess bold qualities which will help in the quicker establishment of the business.

Maha Yogi and a Householder

“One must have self-restraint. Eating too much, sleeping too much, drinking too much – these weaknesses will not help the aspirant. One must have a balanced life and one must have restraint.”

Maha Yogi and a Householder
It is true and undeniable that an entrepreneur must have good multitasking skills. He must know how to maintain a proper balance with the personal and the professional life. Though Lord Shiva is known to be a ‘Maha Yogi’ an ascetic sage who meditates and prays for the well being of the entire creation, and though he secludes himself from materialistic world; Shiva, also has a family that consists of his wife Parvati and his children Ganesha and Skandha.
Amidst great responsibilities that include saving the world from evils, he also makes time for his family. When a person gets smitten by an entrepreneur bug the zeal and enthusiasm would increase dramatically which would end up in him having a broken personal life. An entrepreneur must have a balanced life and must know how to tackle and navigate between his career and family to ensure both have fruitful results.


“One must have respect for one’s goal; one must have respect for one’s path.”


One of key ways to gain quick success is by treating every individual equally. It is quite surprising to know that women in our country are still not given the right respect and status. Biased thoughts still exist in our society and it is still believed that only a man can run a business successfully. This notion is total junk because if we look back at the past our very own Gods have believed in the concept of giving a partner the right respect and status and ‘Ardhanarishvar’, a composite androgynous form of Lord Shiva and his better half Parvati, is still an example that stands tall.

It is always recommended not to get your business to the bed room but if an entrepreneur has an educated partner then taking his or her assistance can reduce a little stress. Also with this concept one can understand that an entrepreneur must not have a biased mind set and must willingly treat everybody that includes all his employees equally. When an employee is treated with great respect his morale increases which in turn increases well being of the business.

An artistic creator
“One must have reverence for the guru.”

An artistic creator

It is widely seen and heard that Lord Shiva smokes marijuana. This is a talk that has been there for sometime but gained quick publicity in the modern times. Though there are many clarifications on that part it is also said that Lord Shiva is the creator of ‘weed’ and this happened while the Devas and Rakshasas were churning the ocean of milk. It is stated in the Vedas that Shiva, the supreme creator created cannabis from his body to purify the elixir.

An entrepreneur must be an artist in creations and inventions. He must always keep in mind that, with every creation there must be something that is either useful or something that would help an individual in his self development. An entrepreneur must never be self centered and must also use his creations for recreational purposes like what the Lord himself does.

HariHara Avatara 

Patience and then destruction 

HariHara Avatara

This incarnation of Lord Shiva is a combination of two Gods, Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara). Vishnu is considered to be a calm and quiet God who sustains life on earth and Shiva is infamously known to be the destroyer. HariHara avatar is combination of these traits. While one looks at sustaining life on the planet the other focuses on cleaning up the unwanted and beasty to start up something new.

An entrepreneur must adopt these lessons from Lord Shiva because at any point if there is a crisis an entrepreneur must not kill his company but face and deal with all the consequences and ensure that his startup or company is still safe. However, when things go beyond control he must not flinch and step back but must have the courage to kill his startup and begin with a new one to continue the cycle.   (Source –

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