Apple Starts Giving Away Paid Apps for Free

A recent survey by analytics company, App Annie, revealed that Apple has fallen behind Google’s marketplace for Android platform in terms of app downloads in the past quarter. This is a significant development since the first quarter, when App Annie reported that the Android app store trailed Apple’s marketplace by 10%.

And Apple may be growing concerned with that.

The iPhone maker has begun providing a paid app for free since this Friday. This has begun with Color Zen, an app usually costs $0.99, but will be free courtesy Apple till August 27.

What’s the best part? Apple will be making this a weekly feature, according to 9to5mac. This will not only include apps but also videos, games and other content that the company sells through its store.

A search for Color Zen on the App Store will show that it can still be downloaded after the required payment. However when you open the Apple Store app and check out any store under the Stores tab, you will see a message from Apple saying “A game for you. On us.”

When you hit download, you will be automatically taken to the Redeem section of the app store. Here, a redemption code is already put by Apple, which makes the app free.

Amazon, whose marketplace has all paid content, also follows the practice of giving away an app for free per week.

Many paid apps on Apple’s app store are available free on Android. This new scheme may help Apple lure more buyers to its store.

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