10 Things Everyone Should Know

1) Gas

Only get gas earlier in the morning. Gas is stored underground and in the early AM it is at its most dense and will give you more gas for your Rupees.

gas station



2) Google Search

There’s a faster way to search Google for what you’re looking for in Chrome. Highlight a word or phrase in any text. Right click and choose “Search Google for…”. A new window will pop up with the results.




3) Marker Ink

Is your marker dry when you really need it? Revive the tip. Place the marker tip in rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes. Moisture will return to the tip and the marker will work if there’s ink inside.

marker ink



4) Gambling with Gas

Once your gas meter reaches “E” you should get to a gas station ASAP. But keep in mind that most car and truck models are designed to drive roughly another 30 miles before they officially run out of gas.

Gambling with Gas



5)  Driver’s License

If you find someone’s driver’s license on the street, just drop it in the mailbox as-is. The post office will send it to the owner with postage due upon delivery.

post box



6) Super Glue

It’s great to keep in an emergency kit. Use it to close a wound or cut. It stops the bleeding, reduces scarring and holds things together until you can get help. But only use it in case of an emergency.

super glue



7) Perfect “Hard-Boiled” Eggs

No water necessary. Place the eggs in a muffin tin in an oven heated to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Next dip the eggs in ice water and they will peel perfectly.

Hard-Boiled Eggs



8) Gas Leaks

Even leaks that are too small to smell can be dangerous. To check for trouble before it occurs, spray soapy water on your gas connections. If the soapy water starts to bubble, you have a leak on your hands that you need to get fixed.




9) Pop Out

Right-click a YouTube video and select “pop-out”. The YouTube video then pops out into it’s own re-sizable window complete with TV controls.




10) Charging

Switch your phone to “airplane mode” before you charge it. Your phone won’t search for a signal while its charging and you’ll get to full bars much more quickly.