Facebook Wants You To “Ask”, ‘Hi, Are You Single?

Is your relationship status so “it’s complicated” that you haven’t even said so on Facebook? Well, now your nosey friends and frenemies can press you to tell all and demand to know why you’re being so secretive in a new “ask” button.

The button is a new feature the social media site has been quietly rolling out over the past few months but it appears to have arrived on some profiles over the weekend.

The “ask” button appears next to categories of a user’s “about” section that have been left blank. This includes information such as where a user lives, place of employment and, yes, relationship status.

A user cannot see the button on his or her own profile.


When a user finds a blank spot on a friend’s page, they can click on “ask” and a little window pops up that allows them to explain why they’re asking for that information. Once you hit “send request” only the user who’s subject to your prying can see the question. They can choose to ignore you, make that information either public or known only to you, or reply with an old-fashioned “none of your beeswax.”

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