How To Use Networking Websites To Find Love

1. Monitor the time you spend on sites
You are not necessarily going to find love, just because you are always logged on to some social networking website all the time. In fact it’s likely to frustrate you and turn you into a social recluse. According to research, two hours a day are enough to help you network online.

2. Don’t move only in the same groups
So you love your friends and don’t miss out on an opportunity to bond with them. But if you are just going to move in the same circles how will you get to know more people and make new acquaintance.

3. Don’t be too obsessed with privacy settings
The many stories about people misusing the pictures that you post online can scare anyone, but be practical before blocking the world from any kind of access to your profile.

4. Don’t expect every new acquaintance to be a prospective partner 
When you make a new friend, don’t just go asking him/her about his relationship status. You don’t want to come across as someone who is desperate.

5. Think before you type
The way you introduce yourself to the world is what will draw people towards your profile. Make sure you are writing stuff that’s not incorrect. Think before you type is the new think before you speak.

6. Don’t be cyber stalker 
If you are interested in a guy/girl don’t leave a hundred messages on his or her profile. That is certified stalker behavior!

7. Don’t be closed to people around you
Today, people log on to their social profiles from almost all places. Be it a party, a grocery store or while commuting, we can’t wait to tell the world that we are having a great time. Are you missing out on looking at people around you to find love online? Take a step back and see if you are so obsessed in finding love in the virtual world, that you aren’t giving the people in your real world an opportunity to woo you. (Compiled by Harshada Rege)

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