iDoorCam Lets You Answer Your Door From Your Mobile Phone

In a time when unsuspecting household items such as refrigerators and dishwashers come with WiFi inbuilt, we’ve got another one of your taken-for-granted home appliances that you can now hook up for a WiFi upgrade. Your door bell.



How would you like to add an intercom and a video feed to your existing door bell? That’s exactly what a new fund raising campaign on Indiegogo aims to achieve. Carrying the tacky name iDoorCam, the little round gadget bearing a button and the camera is a WiFi doorbell that wires into your existing door bell arrangement. iDoorCam will connect to your home WiFi network and alert you on your iPhone or Android (via WiFi or 3G, if you’re away) whenever you have a visitor. You can then choose to answer the bell or ignore it. The iOS and Android apps (currently in the work) will allow you to see, listen to and speak to your guest.

Apart from the obvious microphone, camera and speaker, iDoorCam will also support night vision and motion sensing.

iDoorCam, already funded completely to its goal on Indiegogo, should be available for purchase in Q1 2014. You can however pre-book it for a little cheaper right now on the funding page.


Check out the video –

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