List Of Phones Likely To Get Android 4.3 Upgrade

Tuesday, August 06, 2013:  It’s that time of the year again! Google has just unveiled the latest version of its Android OS- the 4.3. While the update keeps a lot of the old Android features intact, it also introduces a host of new elements under the hood that are likely to make the Android experience smoother and more user friendly. We take a look at the devices that are most likely to get this update first in the market:

Sony: The Japanese giant has already made an announcement about the availability of the Android 4.3 version for several devices. All major smartphones launched under the Xperia brand will get this update. These include the phones in the Z series as well as the Xperia SP and the Tablet Z. The complete list is as follows:

· Xperia Z
· Xperia ZL
· Xperia SP
· Xperia Z Ultra
· Xperia ZR
· Xperia Tablet Z

Samsung: While the Google Edition of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 has the 4.3 update, chances are that the regular S4 is also likely to get it soon. There hasn’t been any official word about the update for the S4. Also, a couple of other devices are also sure to get the update. These include:

· Galaxy S4
· Galaxy S3
· Galaxy Note 2

HTC: The Taiwanese phone giant doesn’t have many devices under its belt this year so far. The HTC One is likely to soon get an update nevertheless.

Nexus: The Nexus being a Google phone will surely get the update. If you haven’t already updated.

LG: There hasn’t been any official announcement on LG devices getting the 4.3 update. Nevertheless, given the fact that the Optimus G is pretty close to the Nexus 4 by way of design, tech experts opine that it will be getting the update as soon as LG can push it out. Besides this, other LG phones might also get this update. These include:

· LG Optimus G
· LG Optimus G Pro
· LG Optimus L7 2 Dual
· LG Optimus G2

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