New Facebook Feature Now Enables You To See “Nearby Friends”

Facebook users in the US will soon be able to see which of their friends are nearby by the use of a new feature launched by the company. It is simply called “Nearby Friends”.


This new feature should be switched on by the user, so that people do not end up broadcasting their location unknowingly. It uses the GPS system on smartphones to tell your Facebook friends that you are nearby, but only if they have the feature turned on as well.

Location sharing or even knowing the exact location of your friends has been possible in the past through many different apps, but what we like about this feature from Facebook is that it does not share your exact location, it will only show that you a re nearby, say, within half a mile radius.

However, if you insist to share your precise location you can manually do so with a specific friend you’d like to meet up with.

 Friend will be able to see where you’re located in an airport or a city block or a park, etc. By default, your exact location will be shared just for an hour, although one can change this.

Such new feature only suggest that we have started to bring online and physical worlds together, with more advanced technologies being developed this bridge will soon be complete.

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