Samsung To Unveil Its Smart Watch On September 4

Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy Gear smart watch on 4 September at the IFA in Berlin and the leaks about this device’s specifications refuse to end.

The latest leaks come from VentureBeat which has put out images (taken from a video) of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and key specifications of the watch.


The report on VentureBeat says that the device looks like a new wearable fitness device to rival a Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex — a smartphone companion rather than a smartphone alternative.

The report adds that the Galaxy Gear has a “high-quality OLED display and square screen”, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, over 10 hours battery life and “4-megapixel camera built into the strap along with tiny speakers in the clasp.”

It also supports social media integration with Facebook and Twitter and has access to email even when not connected to the smartphone, according to the report.

The app which is called Gear manager will let users pair their phone via NFC or Bluetooth. After you have connected the watch, you can choose the personal settings and the options in the Galaxy Gear include Clocks (Clock designs probably), My apps, Samsung Apps, Find my watch, Settings.

A report on AmongTech has said that the watch will have a 2.5 inch OLED touchscreen display with 320×320 resolution and a dual-core processor. The report says that there will be 8 and 6 GB models of the watch.

Let us know in the comments box if you would actually buy a smartwatch.

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