Story of A Little Street Dog – “Puguli”


“If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans” ~James Herriothe

 “Puguli”, a cute little street dog, of not so famous a breed, was found languishing on the road for quite a few days ago after having been hit by a car. It may not sound very unusual to us as, unfortunately, many of us still do not gather the message of humanity and continue to cause unnecessary suffering to others including these innocent animals.











Poor little Puguli had badly fractured one of his legs but was pulling through the unbearable pain until he was noticed by a pedestrian. Seeing the small little soul struggling to move triggered some sympathy and soon Puguli was taken to a veterinary physician.












The doctor promptly diagnosed the severity of the injury and gave some first aid. Thereafter, as advised by the Vet, SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was contacted where the staff advised to take him there so that they can give proper medication, as may be required.












While he was being taken away, Puguli’s mother had a mixed reaction. On one hand, there was sigh of relief that he will be alright soon and on the other had a cloud of doubt if she will get to see him ever again even if he fully recovers.











On reaching the center and seeing his condition the staff suggested to admit Puguli immediately. He was admitted there for treatment with all the optimism and hope to see him get back on his feet.

Now, it is a matter of great satisfaction and sheer happiness that Puguli, will get to play around again and will have a normal life.


Sometimes, it becomes important to introspect and think carefully about our role in the domestication and evolution of animals. Let us give it a shot ! Surely, we will be happier and will be able to look at ourselves with more respect and pride !












If you see any injured animal, you can contact SPCA or any other community working for animal welfare.


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