Android Malware Stealing SMSs, Emails And Data

A new virus for the Android operating system has been discovered, which steals users’ personal details and SMSs. The virus has been detected in India and users have been warned about its existence. Further, the malware has been affecting users with versions of Android above the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. 


In an advisory, issued by the Computer Response Team- India, users were told tha the virus is capable of changing an applications code without changing its actual cryptographic signature, which in turn makes the Android system believe that the application has remained unchanged. The advisory also said that the malware is capable of stealing IMEI numbers of smartphones, SMSs, email addresses and other installed applications.

The new malware, which adds to the security issues of the Android operating system, is also capable of sending fake SMSs from the devices that it has infected. According to the CERT advisory, the malware places its files with the same name within applications, as a result of which, they are passed through the Android package verification as legitimate. But, when the application is run, the malicious files are executed. 

Users have been advised to check the permissions for each applications before they are installed. Further, regular scans of devices are also recommended.