10 Most-Used Cross Platform Applications


Here we are talking about the VirtualBox.  VMware can be used across various platforms for different reasons. The uses range from a small-time experiments on other operating systems to massive enterprise buyouts and products. VMware is used almost everywhere and anywhere.  It is worth every penny.



Applications like OpenOffice enable those who can’t afford Microsoft Office to function in a business (business-like or educational) environment. OpenOffice is one of the pillars of the open source communities and is one of the most important cross-platform applications available.


MySQL Workbench:

MySQL Workbench is one of the best database administration tools out there. And adding to the finesse, its free. The only downfall is that, for some of the platforms users are asked to download development releases so that the software can run clut free.  But if you keep this disadvantage aside, I must say this is one of the best cross platform applications.



Not much introduction is needed for Apache. One of the most used web servers in the world, Apache covers various platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. And to top its popularity, it’s free.


One of the most used stand-alone email client, Thunderbird can traverse the landscapes of all the platforms. With its slick, tabbed interface, you will find no email client that looks and performs as well across your operating systems. And like its cousin, Firefox, Thunderbird is theme-able and has a vast repository of plug-ins to make it even more useful.



Here is a web browser that is considered to be the best in the world, Google Chrome. Slick, classy, easy-to-use, stable, extensible and overall a free software; it’s a crying shame if we are describing more about this browser. Did you know- Google Chrome Linux version is considered as the fastest rendering web browser on any platform!



Are you in search for a good application that allows you to remotely access client’s machine? Then here’s your answer- the TeamViewer, and moreover its free and available across multiple platforms. With a client for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone, there will rarely be a client or situation you can’t support.


Adobe Reader:

PDF readers are available all over the internet. But there is no one to pace up with the most popular PDF readers of them all, the Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is all about quality and ease of use. It is the standard for PDFs, and with clients for just about every platform, it’s a clear winner over the competition.



And here is one of the most popular cross-platform applications ever, the only web browser which clearly took over the reign from Internet Explorer in the browser world- Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has paved the way to the fact that a good cross-platform browser is so essential for day-to-day life. Thankfully, the rise in popularity of cross-platform browsers like Firefox has helped ensure that companies don’t lock down their sites and services to a single browser.



The most flexible, the most useful media player ever launched- VLC is another cross platform app that has been marked as the most productive app for media-related enterprises.  This application is available across various platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, UNIX, Solaris and many more. VLC became popular because of its attributes. VLC can play anything, further its open soured, and also its free- what more do you want to love an app.