Ideas To Maintain Indoor Potted Plants

Here are some rules to maintain potted plants at home

Most plants that are sold over the counter are very easy to maintain. Read on…

– Don’t over or under water them. Most plants don’t want to have their roots submerged in a damp swamp.

– Indoor plants like a constant temperature, so keep them in an area that does not become too cold or too hot.

– They don’t like draughts or any sudden moves and they like some feeding because they have no access to nutrients beyond their pot or container.

– Many indoor plants will like a moist environment, in other words, humid air.

– You’ll find there are indoor plants suitable for the bathroom, ones that are almost indestructible and some that are pure delights — flowering or fruiting plants that are easy to tempt into dazzling displays a few times a year.

– If you’re growing a foliage species that is cleaned and pampered by a rainy climate, you can mimic that situation by a simple applied mist.

– For wonderful impact in a bright and sunny room, try something with flowers or berries.

– Oh, and you can forget air fresheners — indoor plants will purify the air.