LG Mini Beam : The Tiny Projector With The Power To Transform The Way We See The World

Introducing the new LG Mini Beam, the tiny projector with the power to transform the way we see the world.




The Mini Beam’s LED digital based light source pumps out pictures in stunning color and clarity sharp enough for film makers, video artists and street performers to challenge people’s perceptions. It’s so sharp you can blur the lines between real life and an imagined world.

Because the light pulses, the LED light virtually eliminates motion blur while the stunning 1280×800 WXGA resolution, guarantees vibrant colours, larger than life and immersively real onto any surface. And that means you can transform any object into something a whole lot more exciting.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a film maker to fok all in love with the LG Mini Beam. The built-in digital TV tuner lets use your projector to view TV content too.

So you can watch that latest Hollywood blockbuster or your favorite sports in big vivid digital glory.