Linkedin Smartphone App Now Allows You To Apply For Jobs

LinkedIn has released an update for its Android app and iOS that makes it possible to apply for open jobs right from the Smartphone. Adding this feature comes as LinkedIn says “over 30 percent of members who view jobs” on the social network come from mobile devices.

Being able to apply for jobs from mobile devices has apparently been one of the most common things LinkedIn has heard its users request. Currently users can only save a job that they spot on a mobile device and have to apply later for it on LinkedIn’s website. But how often will someone come back to that? It may be hours or days until they remember and then the position may be unavailable.

This new feature is the second one LinkedIn has made in an effort to bolster its mobile offering. Last month, it added the ability for users to easily search for jobs and included its “Jobs you may be interested in” algorithm.

Once updated, when users browse through and find an open job they like, they can tap on the “Apply” button to begin the application process. Just like with the Web version, some companies may prefer to have applicants submit their names through their websites, while others can do it using their LinkedIn profile. If managed through the professional network, it’s just a couple more taps of the “Next” button and your information is automatically passed along.

While this feature has a clear benefit, it appears that LinkedIn’s effort may be an attempt to improve usage of its mobile app. It’s a interesting sign that LinkedIn isn’t ignoring the mobile device and is trying to transition its users away from depending on the Web and to its native apps.

Source: TNW