Motorola Signs Deal To Produce Modular Smartphone Parts

Motorola has signed a deal with 3D Systems to 3D print smartphone modules for the phone company’s experimental Project Ara which will see whether a phone can be built using interchangeable parts.


The deal marks a significant step for Motorola as it’ll be asking 3D Systems to essentially 3D print smartphone modules, a technique that has not only never been tried before but hasn’t even been fully tested.

Whilst being a multi-year deal the Google-owned Motorola hasn’t left itself totally open as the agreement is hinged on 3D Systems being able to prove that they can actually build the parts first.

Motorola first announced Project Ara after it was revealed that the company had begun talks with phonebloks about partnering in developing a modular smartphone where individual parts like a display, or storage could be simply ‘snapped’ on and off as the user desired adding as yet unseen levels of customization.

Very much still in the developmental stage the project will look at taking customization further than before, something that Motorola first demonstrated with it’s Moto Maker website for the┬áMotorola Moto X.

At present users can build a custom Moto X by choosing the color, materials and the wallpaper that’ll arrive on the smartphone along with other features like engraving