Top Android Paid Apps – Now Free !

Android is widely known for its free apps but there are indeed some interesting apps that come at a cost. Well, much to your pleasure, many developers are rolling out free versions of their earlier paid apps.

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Galaxy on Fire 2
This space game puts players in an impressive sandbox universe. You take command of your personal starship, fly trading missions, and take up arms against threats in a magestic 3D world. The game was originally released as a paid app but was recently turned into a freemium model. You can download the base game for free while the expansion packs come at a cost.

Dead Trigger
It was launched at a premium price that disappointed many but can now be downloaded for free. You get to play a first person shooter and is pretty interesting for game addicts.

Doodle Jump
The game was first release in March 2010 and featured the popular Doodler. In the game, the Doodler makes his way skywards, dodging dangers and finding safe landing spots. It works using your phone’s tilt sensors. Now it is available as a free download too.

Dungeon Hunter 4
Resembling Diablo, but in a mobile format, it was launched with a lot of premium content. However, now it is free-to-play. The game melds both strains together, providing the sweeping storylines of previous Dungeon Hunter games, while remaining accessibly F2P, reports Tomsguide.

Real Racing 3
This one is for those who fancy racing games. This series became popular because of offering mobile gamers a realistic racing experience that was graphically stunning. Initially, a paid experience, the latest release, Real Racing 3, is now a free-to-play game