Joining A Political Party, Why?

India is  largest democracy of the world and has a very complex and experienced political culture. Most of the political parties are run by veteran politicians. But now, political parties do not consider politics as a public service, they are in it just for the sake of power and for their own interests. When other countries are on the path to progress and success using “Globalization” and “free economy”, our country’s system is paralyzed and we are not moving ahead.

This has created a wave of corruption, the ruling and opposition parties have looted India a lot. They are not ready to make this system work the way it should be, our  democracy has failed and eventually, we are suffering. I think, the basic reason of our suffering is, we are not taking active part in politics. Now we need to realize, that the people are the real masters and the elected ones are ‘Sevaks’.



This is the time to bring change, that is why,“BhartiyaRajnitikVikalp Party” is inviting the youth and educated people of this country to join them and elect, in coming 2014 election, as young and educated people who can work with fresh mind, bring innovative ideas, can take risk and accept challenges.

Why am I supporting them?!!  Because the party have strong agenda for providing new direction to the country.  They are the only one promoting organic farming, animal welfare, better laws against animal cruelty, presidential form of government (where nation will participate in direct election of country’s Head), federal states, govt pension to daily wages workers, unified education all over India, relief to traders by exemption of tax, maintenance of elders, no income tax upto rs.1000000 income, social reforms, no reservation and so on in their vision.

Let’s come together and change the system and convey the message, “Youth are the solution not the problem!!”