The 3D Sensor That Could Change Our Mobile Lives

Get ready to revolutionize mobile experiences with 3D sensing!

PrimeSense makes devices smarter by giving them the gift of sight – allowing them to see and understand their surroundings in a simple and natural way. We’re creating a world of 3D sensing through our game-changing technology, with over 25 million 3D sensors at work.

Now 3D sensing goes mobile.  PrimeSense is transforming mobile devices, the smallest and most robust 3D sensor available. Embedded directly into your smartphone and tablet, Capri™ empowers your mobile device with a whole new level of understanding by enabling it to see the world in 3D.


Mobile devices powered with 3D sensors allow you to immersively interact with your surroundings and offer new amazing capabilities. You now have the ability to see any environment in 3D providing a new level of understanding and awareness and even blurring between the real and virtual worlds.

Capri™ for mobile opens up a whole new array of interactive and intuitive user experiences and use cases including: augmented reality gaming, virtual shopping, Real View™ measurements, 3D scanning and printing, photography enhancement and much more.

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