Charge Your Power Hungry Devices From PC USB Ports

It’s good news for the people on the move, for whom PC USB ports have become the most convenient way of charging their power hungry smart devices.


Global semiconductor leader STMicroelectronics (ST), has recently announced new PC USB chips that can now juice up your mobile devices using USB ports even when the computer is shut down. This is how far technology has gotten today. It’s now time to say goodbye to all those bulky adaptors and charge your devices even while your PC is asleep.

ST’s new chips STCC5011 and STCC5021, also called charger emulators, can detect when a mobile device is connected to the PC using ST’s own patented attach-detection feature (Application number : 13904866). While other charger emulators require PCs to be ON or at least in Sleep mode to charge devices, ST’s new chips operate even when the PC is shut down.

As soon as they detect that a mobile device is connected, they enable the PC’s power supply in order to charge the device. The chips monitor the current to turn the power supply off when the charging is complete, saving on energy.

ST claims that the chips consume only 1/16 of the power of other charger emulators allowing the PCs to charge devices with minimal impact on the PCs battery life during normal use. Provided with the circuitry to avoid discharging the PCs battery, the chips, allow mobile users to charge their devices even when using battery power alone.

Major features of STCC5011/5021:

● STCC5011 is suitable for iPod and iPhones
● STCC5021 is suitable for iPad, iPod and iPhone charging
● Support for proprietary chargers such as Blackberry
● USB2.0, USB3.0 compatible
● Low-resistance (60mΩ) integrated power switch
● Built-in safety protection
● Charging-indication output in DCP (Dedicated Charging Port) and CDP (Charging Downstream Port) modes