Now Talk To Friends On Whatsapp With New Voice Messages Feature

WhatsApp has introduced Voice Messages for users across platforms that will allow users to send recorded messages to their contacts. The introduction comes on the day the service crossed 300 million monthly active users.

A a company spokesperson ,“ we’re proud to announce that WhatsApp has surpassed 300 million monthly active users worldwide, a milestone on the road to WhatsApp becoming the communication network of the 21st century.”


As far as the new Voice Message service is concerned, WhatsApp’s team wrote on a blog post,

We are releasing Voice Messages on all of our platforms simultaneously. We worked very hard to make sure that iPhone and Android devices have perfectly working Voice Messages functionality, and we put extra effort into making sure that BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone users can enjoy the same rich and powerful Voice Messaging experience.

So how exactly does the service work? For Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices, users will now see a microphone icon next to the box where they type messages. Just press and hold the icon to record till the end of your message.

Once you release the icon, the voice message will automatically be sent to the recipient. To cancel a recording, just slide your hand across the microphone icon and it will be cancelled.

BlackBerry users (those who have older devices with keyboards) can press the space bar while Nokia Symbian users can simply hold the centre button to start recording the message.

Once they release the buttons the message will be sent automatically.

To cancel recordings users can just hold the ‘end call’ button on the Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry devices.

Each voice message also has a microphone icon next to it. When you send someone a voice message the icon will turn blue indicating that the person has read the message.

There is no limit to how long the voice message can be. When it comes to Android and iOS devices, the voice message switches off from speaker mode automatically when you hold the device next to your ear.

Whatsapp’s move comes at a time when BlackBerry is preparing to launch its BBM messenger for Android and iPhones. The latest version of BBM allows video-calling, screen share and voice messages.

Other than BBM, WhatsApp also other serious contenders such as the WeChat app, which recently launched in India and according to a new report, is the among the five most used apps worldwide. WhatsApp is number nine according to that list and even Facebook’s Messenger app is ahead.

Will Voice Messages help WhatsApp go from 300 million users to 400? We’ll have to wait and see. Tell us in the comments if you will use the new feature of WhatsApp and what you think of it.

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