Today’s Joks – 3 Aug 2013

1)Bought A Whole Range Of Cosmetics.

Jeeto bought a whole range of cosmetics designed to knock years off her age. After five hours applying the various creams and potions, she asked Santa, “Tell me honestly, darling, what age do you think I look?”
Santa said, “From your hair – 15; from your skin – 16; from your figure – 18.”
“Oh, you flatterer,” she gushed.
“Wait a minute,” he said, “I haven’t added them up yet.”

2)Gabbar N Sambha: Mujhe Goli Mardo Par Mera Dimag To Na Khao.

Gabbar: Arey o Sambha
Sambha: Ji Santa
Gabbar: Kitne Admi the re?
Sambha: Do Santa
Gabbar: Mujhe ginti nahi aati. Do kitne hotey hain?
Sambha: Santa Do Ek ke baad ata hai.
Gabbar: Aur Do ke pehle?
Sambha: Do ke pehle Ek aata hai
Gabbar: To bich mein kaun aata hai?
Sambha: Bich mein koi nahi aata
Gabbar: To fir Dono ek saath kyon nahi atey?
Sambha: Do Ek ke baad hi aa sakta hai, kyonki Do ek se bada hai.
Gabbar: Do ek se bada hai? Kitna bada hai?
Sambha Do ek se Ek bada hai?
Gabbar: Agar Do ek se ek bada hai to ek ek se kitna bada hai?
Sambha: Santa, Maine tumhara namak khaya hai, mujhe goli mardo par mera dimag to na khao.



3)Tech Support And Customer: 7274 In Capitalletters??

Tech support: Your password is the letter “a” as in apple, “v”
as victor,and the numbers 7274

Customer: Is the 7274 in capitalletters??


4)Ball To Pehle Se Gol Hai

Santa nd Banta in a football stadium..
Santa : Paji, ye log ball se kya kr rhe hai?
Banta : goal kr rhe hain!!!
Santa :”lekin paji ball to pehle se gol hai , or kitni gol Krenge?”




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