Vegan Means Friends of Animals

On August 4th, I was invited to participate at the VEGAN POTLUCK MEET organized by Mr. Gaurav Jain, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, is also an animal activist and a vegan.

I am myself not a VEGAN but I went there with the mindset that it will be a good opportunity to connect with like-minded people ! Earlier, I had limited knowledge and carried a perception that VEGAN meaning vegetarians which completely changed after this meet.

At the meet, while sitting in a room, I found myself amidst strangers whom I never met before except the two who are from PETA. Everyone introduced themselves, discussed about animal rights, ethical way of vegan living, vegan health & nutrition, living on an eco-friendly manner which was followed by film screenings, food demonstrations and more. As time went by, I got comfortable with everyone who were just like me but may be with a stronger passion for animals and their welfare.

Vegan Potluck On 4 aug 2013

Ok! Now, let us come back to the main topic, VEGAN!

Although this is a word which was not new to me, but it was only that day when I understood the true meaning of the word “Vegan” which is “Friends of Animals”.

A vegan (pronounced VEE-gun) is someone who, for various reasons, chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products. While vegetarians choose not to use flesh foods, vegans also avoid dairy and eggs, as well as fur, leather, wool, cosmetics and even chemical products that are tested on animals.

Why VEGAN? Veganism, the natural extension of vegetarianism, is an integral component of a cruelty-free lifestyle. Living vegan provides numerous benefits to animals’ lives, to the environment, and to our own health–through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I look forward to joining them in NEXT VEGAN POTLUCK MEET. Please remember to bring a VEGAN dish to share with the group! (Except me…. as I am exempted 🙂  )

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” -Albert Einstein


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