What Happens Every Minute on the Internet World

The Internet became very big in the world. Can you guess what happens every minute on Internet? or what happens every minute on Google and facebook? Intel designed a new infographic that shows What happens every minute on the Internet. According to infographic

what happens

  • Totally 639,800 GB of global IP data transferred
  • 277,770 users login to Facebook and more than 6 million Facebook views done on every minute.
  • 6 new wikipedia articles published
  • Above 2 million queries searched on Google
  • In YouTube 30 hours video uploaded and 1.3 millions video views
  • Twitter gets 320+ new accounts and 100,000 new tweets
  • 204 Emails Sent
  • 20 New victims of identity theft
  • 3000 new photos uploaded on flickr for every minute
  • 47,000 Apps downloaded from all app stores.
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts created

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