Why Indians Need Transformation – 2 Minute Read !


We are living in the era where we only know to blame others. We blame our system, our transport system, we blame system that nobody takes care of mess lying everywhere, we blame politicians for corruption.

What Indians need to understand is that corruption don’t just start and end with politicians, we are the major contributors in making mess, we are the one forgetting our values and culture (culture is not just our food, arts and traditions, in a broader sense, culture defines us – who we are as people, how we aim to live our lives).

We ourselves are also to blame for these. We as people need to take some responsibilities too. Only then true change shall happen.

While voting, most people don’t see the merit of the candidate but take a decision only on the basis of caste, not only the illiterate, but educated too. We have seen in assemblies that people start rolling up their sleeves and it seems they have entered a wrestling ring. This is not a good sign for democracy. I personally feel, we should vote for person, who can take the country forward rather than just playing negative criticism politics.

Let me take another example, metro, suppose that a crowd of people is waiting for a metro. When the metro arrives, everybody pushes to get in. It makes life difficult for everyone. The solution to this daily suffering would be, everyone queuing up to get in. Everyone needs to come on broad with queuing system.

Just go and see any railway stations, you can find waste everywhere, even in metro stations. In last one month, I have stopped 7-8 people from spitting on metro tracks and from throwing plastic water bottles around. I find this very unusual that people standing around those wrongdoers do nothing and stand still; nobody came forward and said, “Hello you are doing WRONG”. Because they just don’t care.

Few  steps 🙂

  • Let’s vote genuinely;
  • Metro is ours; let’s take care of our transport system;
  • Let’s Stop Littering… anything!;
  • Let’s give respect and get it back;
  • Let’s make our EARTH a better place to live(Use less paper, Conserve water);
  • Volunteer your time for social activities;
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – This mantra should be first and foremost when making decisions as part of our daily lives – at work, on vacation, when we’re out shopping, and at home. Recycle anything with the recycle label. Other things such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and so much more is also recyclable! You can also reuse things, such as refilling a plastic water bottle instead of getting a new one;
  • Save Energy. The more you cut back, the less fossil fuels are burned which not only give off CO2 its limited. Try turning lights off or lowering the house temperature by one, it also saves you money;
  • Don’t drive unless necessary. Don’t drive unless its necessary to save fuel;
  • Do not contribute to animal abuse! There are factories that do “animal testing” that are very harmful to animals! Many products (shampoos, lotions, body products, medicines, etc.) do animal testing by testing their products on animals. If a product does not have a “No animal testing” label, chances are they could be testing that product on animals. If possible, buy less meat and animal products;
  • Plant trees;
  • Support local products as much as possible;

Transformation will come about only if everyone decides to change together.

Let’s Come together and clean up our act.

From – Saurabh

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